Our group uses marine chemistry to learn about the ocean and climate. Focused largely on the naturally-occurring uranium and thorium decay series elements, we are interested in how ocean properties change over various timescales (seasons, years, millennia) and how we can use geochemical properties to learn about the processes involved. In our research, these processes have included aerosol mineral dust deposition to the ocean, phytoplankton productivity, circulation strength, or carbon storage. Interested graduate students (MSc or PhD) should contact me about ongoing possibilities.

Recent projects include (1) participation in the GEOTRACES program in the North Atlantic, (2) collaboration with C-MORE in the North Pacific and (3) new measurements from the Palmer-LTER in West Antarctica. Other work ranges from paleoclimatic variability in the Southern Ocean to chemical variability in the Gulf of Mexico.

Located at the Stennis Space Center, MS

University of Southern Mississippi
Division of Marine Science
School of Ocean Science and Technology